Professional Connections & Relationships

The importance of prioritising professional connections & relationships

Professional Connections & Relationships

Prioritising professional connections and relationships is key to building a solid network and sharing and gaining new perspectives.

This process doesn’t have to be awkward or take away from scheduled productive time. Many people are turning to work in a space where like-minded professionals can work on their separate ventures whilst sharing thoughts and ideas with others.

This low-pressure working solution means you can make use of your coworking, setting up your routine and schedule in a way that suits you best, and meet people doing similar work more naturally. It is a fantastic way to build new long-term professional relationships and solidify a positive reputation within your area of specialisation. Positive connections forged in a flexible coworking space facilitate a great support structure in a trusting environment. These connections could be the difference between an average and a thriving career.

We have established several primary benefits of prioritising professional connections and relationships.

Grow your Network

In independent business, there is power in collaboration. At Intersect, we offer a chance for entrepreneurs and specialists to meet like-minded experts to collaborate and strengthen business relationships and, at times, ventures. Building your business contact list can improve your chances of growing your business in the future with the right connections already formed.

Develop New Ideas 

If you spend most time alone without many work connections, you may find that it can be tricky to generate innovative ideas that could propel your business.

Having business relationships can offer a chance to discover new perspectives and generate fresh ideas, which is key to keeping up with current consumer trends or staying ahead of the competition.

Bolster Your Exposure 

A flexible coworking space offers an excellent opportunity to network whilst opening the doors to create exposure and clout for your business.

It can be a great way to improve your business profile organically without spending money on marketing or generating leads. Before initial introductions, you now have the chance to build upon your expertise and expand your knowledge-base ‒ admirable qualities to attract clients and staff.

Build Confidence 

It can be disheartening to put effort into generating awareness about your business only to see no progress in return. For some entrepreneurs, it can create a cycle of self-doubt.

Joining a community of professionals can eradicate this issue, helping you build confidence in your ideas and abilities. By putting yourself out there within a coworking community, meeting new people and challenging the parameters of your comfort zone can improve your networking skills. Once you start to see small changes in your confidence, it becomes a cyclical, continuing to put yourself out there and see the rewards time and time again.

At Intersect, we provide a contemporary, light-filled corporate space in Adelaide, specifically for established business people wanting a flexible space to operate from. Think of it as a home away from home.

We offer you the chance to mingle in a low-pressure environment with seasoned professionals and build lasting positive connections.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Intersect’s flexible coworking space, please feel free to get in touch today.

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