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Intersect’s End of Year Reflection

girl writing on notebook in office

As we start to wind down and reflect on 2022, the Intersect team always finds it to be a fitting moment to stop and reflect on the year that was. Stepping away from the day-to-day, and discussing our successes with our members is always a worthwhile way to personally reflect on what has been achieved.

An end-of-year personal reflection can go a really long way in helping business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs and employees gain clarity and focus on the year ahead. It can also be a good opportunity to review how far you have come in terms of growth and development since the start of the year.

So, let’s reflect.

A handy framework that our shared workspace members at Intersect like to use to reflect is the ‘Red, blue, black’ system. This approach allows you to categorise your business goals and priorities in a practical way.


The things that are essential to support your business, but don’t bring in revenue. We’re talking about the infrastructure of your business including IT, administrative tasks, HR & compliance.


The blue is where the money is made. Blue includes everything that contributes to generating your revenue such as services or products you sell, your billing time and sales and marketing efforts.


Black refers to the activities that will bring in future revenue, including business planning, strategy, business development, marketing planning, innovation and client management. It’s all about the growth of the business and your people.


Some advisors and business thinkers, like The GAF, also like to add in a fourth colour; green. Green is made up of the components that are important to you as an individual. Your family, your hobbies, holidays – whatever fills your cup.

All too often, as business owners, we get stuck in the everyday ‘red’ and ‘blue’. In 2023, we’re challenging our co-working members to make it a priority to schedule time in the ‘black’ and ‘green’ first. We find that those who do this feel it’s much easier to manage their time and energy.

Now that we have the thinking space to reflect more effectively on the year, take this time to ask yourself:

  • What were my wins this year?
  • How did I manage my energy?
  • What were my priorities this year, and what do I want them to be next year?
  • Do I feel energised coming into the new year or burnt out?
  • If I do feel burnt out, how can I prevent this from happening again next year?
  • How can I make 2023 my best and most fulfilling year yet?

To all our members, partners and supporters, thank you for such a great 2022 and for joining us in our shared workspace. As always, it is an honour and privilege to work with each of you and we cannot wait to see what 2023 brings.

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