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6 Reasons why you should try coworking today

shared office adelaide

If you’ve been working from home for a while, you know how challenging it can be to stay focused and accountable. Between your furry friends interrupting your keyboard time or other family members breaking your flow with conversations, it’s not always easy to be productive. But don’t worry, coworking spaces are here to help!

At Intersect, we believe in the flexibility and accountability that coworking spaces offer. As a professional coworking office in Adelaide, we make it our mission to provide our members with a distraction-free environment where they can focus on their work and get stuff done. So, whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or small business owner, our coworking office is the perfect solution to help you stay productive and focused. And to prove the point, here are six reasons why coworking can be better than working from home. 

Productivity Boost

When you work from home it can be challenging to maintain your focus, particularly when you have family members, pets, or other distractions around you. On the other hand, our vibrant coworking community is designed to keep you motivated and productive throughout the day, with all the necessary amenities and facilities you need to succeed.

Networking Opportunities

Working from home can be a lonely experience, especially when you’re missing out on the camaraderie and collaboration that comes with working alongside like-minded professionals. At Intersect, we understand the importance of networking and offer ample opportunities for our members to connect. Whether you’re looking to expand your professional network, collaborate on new projects, or learn new skills, our coworking space has got you covered. We even have a members Book Club that provides a fun and engaging platform for book-lovers to discuss and share what they’ve learned.


At Intersect, we understand that no two professionals are alike, and that’s why we offer a range of flexible coworking membership options to suit your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for a desk to work for a day or a private office for the long-term, we can cater to your requirements. Our goal is to help you focus on what matters most: your work. That’s why we take care of overhead costs such as utilities and equipment, so you don’t have to. Just another reason why coworking spaces are better than working from home! 


At Intersect, we believe that your shared workspace should be easily accessible and convenient for you. That’s why our coworking office is located in the heart of Adelaide, with excellent public transport links. No more long and stressful commutes! And with 24/7 access, you have the flexibility to work at your own pace and schedule, even on weekends or public holidays. Work doesn’t always fit into a 9-5 schedule, and that’s why we’re committed to providing a shared office that works for everyone. 

Professional Development

Coworking spaces provide an unparalleled opportunity for professional development. Intersect provides the perfect environment to hold mentor-mentee sessions, workshops and other training. With a wealth of experience surrounding you in a shared workspace, there is always someone to learn from or ask for their perspective. 

Work-Life Balance

Finally, we believe that coworking spaces offer a healthy work-life balance essential for your well-being. By setting boundaries, you can work in a professional environment during the day and return to your personal life after work. With the ability to set your own working hours, you can take control of your schedule and prioritise what matters most to you, avoiding burnout.

With our array of amenities, flexible membership plans, and professional development opportunities, Intersect is the perfect solution for professionals looking to enhance their productivity and grow their careers. Take the first step towards your professional growth and book a tour of Intersect’s coworking office in Adelaide today.

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